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    TAPSemr is a revolutionary electronic physician documentation system designed specifically for the Emergency Department. 


    It was created by emergency physicians frustrated by current EMR systems which are adequate for certain medical specialities but fail to be practical in the ER setting.



    TAPSemr provides solutions for all the particular challenges of ER documentation: 


    1. Bedside documentation

    2. Ease of use

    3. Real time documentation

    4. Depth of content

    5. Multiple patients

    6. Use with scribes

    7. Interface delays found with browser based programs 

    8. Integration

    9. Data retrieving for QA and research

    10. Customization

    11. Billing and Reports

    12. Cost



    1 - Bedside documentation


    TAPSemr utilizes advanced tablet computers and we provide them for you. They include handwriting recognition, electronic pen, dual batteries for hot swapping, rubber casing to reduce heat, suspended hard drive to withstand falls, splash resistance and a quick release dock for charging and using as a desktop computer. The system is completely portable and you will never need to use a mouse or sit down unless you choose to. The program's organization and navigation is optimized for use with our tablet computers as opposed to other systems that put their desktop version unchanged onto a tablet.



    2 - Ease of use


    TAPSemr requires no computer skills and virtually no training.  Within ten minutes of receiving your tablet, you will be able to start seeing patients and even have fun charting.  Our revolutionary interface eliminates all cumbersome navigation techniques.  All you need to do is tap and slash words with your electronic pen and your charting will be done for you.



    3 - Real time documentation


    TAPSemr recognizes that during history taking a lot of information is thrown at you at a fast rate and in random order. For example, the patient may tell you something that belongs in Social History while you are recording your HPI, forcing you to take paper notes for later input or lose time changing windows and miss some of the information. With TAPSemr all the history is on the same page and you can follow the patients wherever they go. The report is generated instantaneously as you tap on the words and you can check it as you go along by just touching the screen.  There is no delay in the interface: your limiting factor will be your patient's speed as a historian.



    4 - Depth of content


    TAPSemr provides extensive emergency medicine specific content that is easily accessible.  You choose when to stay superficial and when to go deep. The information is all there but instead of cluttering the surface, it is organized in panels contained within the words. We made full use of the three - dimensional potential of a computer as compared to paper. This allows for a simple surface interface with a large amount of underground information all organized in a logical and accessible way, like the roots of a tree. The information is organized to match the thought process of the physician in a real world environment.



    5 - Multiple patients


    TAPSemr provides an easy to use tracking board that allows you to go back and forth between patients. The tracking board will notify you of your progress on each patient, letting you know when x-rays and labs are back.



    6 - Use with scribes


    TAPSemr is endorsed by Scribe America, the largest and most experienced scribe company in the United States. We collaborated with Scribe America and incorporated suggestions from scribes around the country to make the program scribe friendly. The result is a program that can be used immediately even by someone with very limited medical knowledge, like a new scribe.  We are the only EMR program in existence that recognizes scribes as a unique user group and allows both the physician and scribe to share patient charting in real time.



    7 - Interface delays found with browser based programs


    TAPSemr is a hybrid system.  It is connected to the internet so that multiple users can access the most current version of a chart in progress.  However, the selection of objects within the documentation pages is not dependent on an internet connection.  If you lose wifi connection in a room with a "dead-spot", you can keep documenting within a page with no delays.



    8 - Integration


    TAPSemr can be deployed as an add on physician documentation module to your current emr system.  It can input patient registration information, auto populate labs and export the final document into the hospital medical record library.  TAPSemr can also be used as a stand alone product for paper based departments.  We provide a cost efficient and high value alternative to an expensive replacement of a current dysfunctional emr system, expensive voice transcriptions or paper templates with all the disadvantages of reduced reimbursement, lost charts and storage issues.



    9 - Data retrieving for QA and research


             TAPSemr allows you unmatched flexibility in tracking whatever information you choose. We provide reports that can be customized to the specific demands of your institution.  The program is object oriented so data retrieval can be specific down to each data point selected by the user.



    10 - Customization


             TAPSemr can be customized to include a list of your staff doctors, transfer hospitals, specific hospital requirements etc. We will customize these items to your specifications with quick turnarounds.



    11 - Billing and Reports


             TAPSemr provides a web site interface for your billing company.  This allows viewing of charts in real time, even as they are being built.  Charts will have their status displayed: unsigned, draft or final.  The final document is displayed in an easily codable format.  Additionally, physicians are given alerts for potential missing documentation before they sign.  Administrators such as emergency department directors can also use this interface to track physician charting and to generate reports such as daily logs and 72 hour return visits.



    12 - Cost


              TAPSemr offers a low cost of entry pricing.  An annual subscription fee based on patient volume includes the tablets, docks, server, software, updates and 24 hour technical support.  We will also provide onsite installation and training.  The annual subscription fee and cost of integration will vary at each site.  The total cost is competitive with other emr products, paper templates, and transcription services.