"TAPS is organized for the way ED providers think.  It is fast, easy to use and contains great medical decision making tools.  This is the kind of chart you would want if ever needed in a medical-legal situation.  The end product is well organized and easy to read -- this has thrilled our coders and has allowed increased charge capture.  Our referring and admitting physicians appreciate its flow and concise nature.  TAPS has made quite a difference both inside and outside the ED."  Laura Ellis MD, Medical Director, Delmar Emergency Specialists


    "TAPS allowed our providers to get off the dictaphone, get from behind the desk, and go back to the patient's bedside. TAPS is intuitive. Its content fits what any reasonable Emergency Physician would say in their charting. There have been so many hours spent dictating the same medical decision making points over and over again, such as, headache discharges without LP, chest pain discharge, or follow up for a child with a fever. With TAPS it was literally tap, tap and done. It was all there, just like I've said a thousand times before. From a technical standpoint, the implementation was flawless. Any question asked by my hospital IT was genuinely answered by TAPs as "Yes, we can do that." From a content stand-point, any changes needed were minor and they were done with rapid turn around. The TAPS team made me look very good in the eyes of hospital administration." Joel Gerber MD, President, Sarasota Emergency Specialists

    "TAPSemr was very easy to integrate into our billing system. Our medical coders like the layout of the medical record as well as the design. I have had the pleasure of working with many EMR's and TAPSemr is one of a kind." Delroy T Walwyn, CIO, Martin Gottlieb & Associates

    "TAPS alone is a reason to take one job over another.  I'd take a pay cut to work at an ED with TAPS.  In fact, I do." Andy Aswegan MD

    "Once you go TAPS, you don't go back." Liana Ayotte, MD


    • Union Hospital, MD - Converted from paper templates. Saw an 8% increase in net collections.

    • Wahiawa General Hospital, HI - Converetd from a mixed paper/dictation format. Back to baseline productivity within 2 weeks.

    • Sarasota Memorial Hospital, FL - Converted from dictation. Back to baseine productivity within 10 days.